10 March, 2009

CC6: Windows Update

Look, I love complaining. I love ranting. I love having a go. But sometimes you need to offer congratulations.
So Microsoft: Congratulations on Windows Update. It provides real driver updates for my windows XP systems, installing necissary drivers (like touchpad, and modem).
This is very useful. Yes there are a few things that marr this:
  • Microsoft's dangerous addiction to restarting.
  • Microsoft's many restart pop-up windows.
  • The fact that unix based systems and package managers have done this for ten years or more.
  • Microsoft needing to restart after every update.
  • I can't concentrating with the restart-request baiting.
  • Oh shit, there's another pop-up, telling me to restart.
  • I'll just restart then I'll finish the post.
  • Nah fuck it. I'm going to bed.
  • Fuck you Microsoft.
  • Shower of bastards.

P.S. At least it's better than that HP Total Care thing. That didn't even fetch the bloody updates.
Honestly 'We here at HP care so very very much about you that we put this buggy, useless piece of software on your computer at our factory, so it could pop up every week or so and malfunction for you.'
'Gee wizz, thanks HP'


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