12 April, 2009

CC10: Budweiser Cold Bottles

Let me go through what I would like to consider the circle of logic with you:
I make a beer, the only things I can put it into small enough for a customer to hold are bottles.
Over the course of time new technologies allow me to put my beer in handy to carry cans. And these cans are very popular, but some people prefer to stick with the old bottles because the cans made the beer taste funny.
Then I come up with my master stroke! Bottles made of Aluminum just like the cans. Now I can offer my customers that funny tasting canned beer in an expensive-and-awkward-to-carry-and-dispose-of bottle! This is perfect for selling to those white people who have taken to thick aluminum bottles for drinking water.
Come back home to Bud you Nouveau Riche Hippies...