14 May, 2009

CC14:Video killed the radio star............Pity it didn't finish off the fucking DJ.

Ball juggling eh ankh?

I hate Irish commercial Radio. I know taste is subjective but if you think it's any good then you are provably wrong. I was recently given a lift by a friend to a pub session and along the way we were both stricken with the same affliction: listening to Adrian Kennedy's Phone show for more than ten seconds syndrome.

Despite it's curious name it's an unfortunately common ailment brought on by the endless torrent of aural shit summoned forth by Adrian's incessant babbling and his phone-in guests mind-numbing ignorance. If your idea of a good radio show is giving a load of uneducated, mentally retarded, knackers a chance to argue on the radio with some over-opinionated twat mediating the "debate" (in debate terms it's on par with a room full of monkey throwing hand-fulls of their own shit at each other)

Given the sheer brainless nature of his show it must really be hard for him not to go home each day with an ego. Considering the idiots he cow-tows to he must leave work thinking he's Einstein. Although when I said a load of uneducated knackers It must also be stated that Adrian does tend to call up the same five or six people just to start arguments and "liven up" his show (it'd want to be some fucking argument, I've been been to autopsies with a more lively tone)
Just imagine if Jerry springer constantly called back the fat stripper who has three kids by her own dad no matter what the show subject was.

Running alongside Adrian's utterly pointless FM104 radio show is the utterly pointless radio station Spin 103.8 (or 103"aish" as it's pronounced using a shit-eating D4 accent) This radio station seems to have it's wires crossed somewhat as it claims to be "less talk, more music" yet most of their airtime is filled with their army of mindless presenters like colm and Jim-jim (two of the worst presenters in the world who act like they're on an endless "who can talk more bollocks" challenge. No one wins, we all lose)

Then there's the Spin lowdown or, as normal people call it, the news bulletin. It consists of a cast of newsreaders who sound like a transition year radio project drooling over Zac efron or who ever happens to be in the movies at the moment while delivering news in a voice so grating and annoying it could probably be used for torture. Then we're on to the "five word weather" which is always something useless like "sun's gone on a holiday!". Great. What fucking use is that? It's also a total rip-off of Chris moyles' (now there's an annoying twat) one word weather with Nelson Mandela.

I managed to give spin a week before I could no longer put up with some jingle telling me "because you asked for it" (I hadn't) and the DJ telling me over and over again that there would be no waffle, no sir, no talking; we definitely don't do talking, no, we only play music. That's all. Just listen and you'll hear that we just play music, unlike those other stations who try to talk to the listeners. Not us. We just play music. That's us less talk, more music................... And now for a tune. It's so irritating it makes me want to put my fingers through my skull and rub my brain.

But lest we forget about Irish radios real "stars". These are the people who are rapidly dumbing down society to the point of creationism.
  • Ryan Tubridy: Moved from radio to TV and is now twice as annoying. Light in weight, light in talent. I've got more respect for stuff I've blown out of my nose.
  • Pat Kenny: 'nuff said. Shoot the Fucker.
  • Gerry Ryan:An affront to humanity. Wrote a book about about himself in which he extols the virtue of good sommeliers........sommeliers? (yeah, i don't know what they are either) Who the fuck does this guy think he is? So rich, fat and greasy, he is a living embodiment of an Orwellian portrait of bourgeois greed. A true oxygen thief.
  • And last, but by no means least, is Ray D'arcy: "I'm an Atheist". That's his selling point. Oh and he was on "The Den". To be honest I'm not sure you can still be an atheist if you worship yourself though.

I would love to see the job specifications that RTE used to find this collection of duck brained space wasters. (Apart from Tubridy who, despite his eternal rants on how he got what he wanted through hard work and a degree in broadcasting, got the job through his uncle, David Andrews)

Wanted: Broadcaster for dubious chat show with small European station. Degree holder in broadcasting preferred but not essential. No previous experience required, though Air Hostesses & serial killers will be given consideration first.

Personal Specification:

The ideal candidate will be: loud, egotistical to the point of megalomania. Have difficultly connecting with people. No sense of style. Bereft of a sense of humour.

A very obvious false laugh and a weight problem (extremes over and under healthy weight preferred) will be an advantage

The candidates will be required to host a chat show addressing any topic of their choice (interviewing each other will be essential) while insulting the intelligence of their audience. Ability to bore a group of drunken, middle aged people and students is required for evening TV shows.

If radio presenters were a race of people I would embrace their genocide..........

13 May, 2009

Wait a sec, where's he fecking gone?

For anyone worried about my lack of postage on this blog (I know who you are: nobody) I have been waylaid by the dreaded exams, a terrific system invented by statisticians to test my ability to learn off my maths course in a week.

Covey has promised to juggle balls in my absence, but I warn you I have yet to observe his purchasing of any juggling balls, pins or batons.

Yours insincerely,

10 May, 2009

CC12: Racism in the workplace............or why some fucking stupid,dumb, blonde bitch thinks it's okay to be a bigot.

I haven't really updated this site as often as i would like. I can't attribute it to not having enough time as the arse has fallen out of the economy and they're isn't a fucking job to be had in the whole fucking country.

I also can't blame the lack of subjects to write about. They are as numerous as they are unbelievably stupid but that's not it either as most are too trivial for me to even care about.

No. The reason is that (contrary to what you may believe) I'm not actually an angry person. Really. I don't walk around frothing at the mouth about some new fad that seems to be everywhere and it came out of nowhere (since when did day-glo leggings and guys with perms come back into fashion?). It's actually because very little gets me worked up enough to the point where I must rant on this site. So I would thank Sinead Ryan of the Evening Herald for curing me of my era of bliss you miserable, dopey fucking twat by writing the most blood-boiling article I've read since the Irish sun ran a front page spread about some builder losing his fucking hammer back in October 03 (yes I've the memory of an elephant when i need it ,besides, who could forget such a riveting story?).

The offending (and indeed offensive) article can be found in saturdays edition on may 9Th page 13. The tag line is "Judging people by their name isn't racist, it's human nature". That should pretty much set the tone for this tramp to bleat on about how employers are right to discriminate against people solely on the ground of their name and where it might indicate where they're from. This, my friends, makes her and everyone who agrees with her a fascist.

She then tops this with yet another startling display of bigotry by stating it's also okay for employers to discriminate against people based solely on where they live regardless of nationality. Even other Irish people aren't safe from her fascism. You not only have to be white and Irish to be accepted as an employee by her but you also have to be rich? This takes the biscuit. She has manged to handle the issue of employers racist hiring policies with all the sensitivity of a gang rape. I'm surprised she wasn't calling for the revocation of citizenship from anyone on social welfare.

Normally I wouldn't even bat an eyelid to this sort of upper class propaganda but something about it just got to me. Maybe it's the fact that it reads like it was dictated through her nose to a slave chained to a keyboard while she stubbed out cigarettes in his face.

This elitist scum article so incensed me that I wrote a e-mail and sent it to her, her editor and a reporting rights website run by a law professor (cearta.ie) and I'll send it to a couple of others once the red-mist has settled from my eyes. Am I the only person who thinks that hating another person just because of the colour of their skin is wrong? Am I freak for treating other people as equals? Is that such a hard concept to grasp?

I promise I'll get onto more general ranting like I used to but man this has given me a good kick.

I do the very best I can to look upon life with optimism and hope and looking forward to a better day, but I don't think there is anything such as complete happiness. It pains me that there is still a lot of Klan activity and racism. I think when you say you're happy, you have everything that you need and everything that you want, and nothing more to wish for. I haven't reached that stage yet.
Rosa Parks (1913- 2005)

Below is a copy of the e-mail I sent the dopey whore, let me know what you think (NOTE: I recommend you read the article first before reading my e-mail to better get the context, a concept which dear old sinead finds hard to get to grips with. you can find it here):

I'm writing to you now to express my utter disgust at your wanton disregard for human rights in your recent article "Judging people by their name isn't racist, it's human nature" published on Saturday 9Th may on page 13. I've read it over fifteen times now and still can't get any other message than "it's okay to be racist, because it's human nature"

I'll start from the start:
Despite the fact that your clearly unable to tell the difference between the terms discrimination and racism (and went to no lengths to clear it up in your article) even going so far as to consult a dictionary about discrimination I find it quite interesting that you didn't look up the term racism too:


noun 1 the belief that there are characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to each race. 2 discrimination against or antagonism towards other races.

— DERIVATIVES racist noun & adjective.

Please note the word directly after the number two. I find it quite extraordinary that you didn't attempt to mention the parallels between the two terms. But hey, it must have been just too much effort to look up both terms. But then I saw the entry for the one you DID bother to look up:


verb 1 recognise a distinction. 2 (usu. discriminate against) make an unjust distinction in the treatment of different categories of people, especially on the grounds of race, age or sex.

— DERIVATIVES discriminately adverb.

One question here: Why didn't you include the second use of the word in your article? I'll answer that for you: because it would've completely undermined the rest of the article.

You then go on to say that the whole point of a CV is to allow for discrimination on the grounds of qualifications, age, ability and experience. This is correct save for two factors. one: Discrimination on the basis of age is illegal and immoral. Two: it is NOT to allow for the discrimination on the grounds of race. (See racism above)

While it's true that Xenophobia (note THAT term) is a part of human nature that still does not make it right. Violence and predatory instincts are inherent parts of human nature, due to the fact that we have evolved from predators, but that still doesn't make them an acceptable part of human behaviour. At time of this writing assault and murder were illegal. How would you react to a murderer or rapist rationalising their crimes by claiming that their urges are "a part of human nature"? I doubt you would be so supportive of your shared view-point.

It's obvious from your article that you have little to no regard for people being persecuted solely on the basis of their race or nationality. Indeed you actively support employers with racist hiring policies by justifying their actions with the quote "it's every employer's duty to get the best person for the job". This is true but what if the best person for the job happens to be Black? or Asian? Those employers, by enforcing racist policy, have failed their duty.

Your article can only be described as long-winded neo-facist hate speak. I doubt you have been subjected to the discrimination (the confusion isn't the term meaning it's in the context in which they are used) that you advocate for these people. I would love to hear how this article would have gone if you had been subjected to the prejudice you defend so vehemently.

You go one step further, however, by not stopping at religious or racial discrimination and extending to include class and social considerations too. Do you honestly believe that a person should be denied a job based purely on where they live? You must do. I was surprised you didn't call for the introduction of an Indian-style caste system to make it easier for employers to not "mix with the commoners". Or are we still called "Riff-Raff"?

I know it's a shame that we don't all live in privileged areas but that should not be any hindrance on us and I deeply resent your attitude that we "should not be so Po-faced about it" meaning that people who discriminate shouldn't feel bad about it (although I really doubt they do) and people who have been discriminated against should just get on with it and not stand up for their basic human right: to be treated with respect.

This places you in an elite tier of fascist. One where not even people of you own race and nationality are seen as equals in your eyes, they must also be of the same social standing.

You probably won't even bother to read this much less print it (with ,say, a reply or even an apology) so I will send this along with a complaint to your editor