29 July, 2009

CC15: My Nokia 5800 is driving me mad.

Here's the current list of problems:
Problem 1: The touch screen is off.
This effect can range from only being able to press the buttons on the right to having everything on on the screen work except the bottom left corner.
My Stop-Gap Solution: squeezing lower down or pushing out the sides has the effect of pulling the touchscreen into shape and making it work again.
Problem 2: Screen is darker on one side and shows strange discoloured blotch during startup.
My Stop-Gap Solution: ignoring it. It's not really visible when the phone is running.
Problem 3: The phone displays colours from the left of the screen streaked across.
This only happens after the phone has gone into sleep mode.
Between them these many faults have rendered my phone painful to use. I seem to now spend all of my time trying to smack the thing into shape.

I'm going to drop it into fonemenders on South Anne St. And make it clear to them that if it costs more than 100€ to fix these bugs then me and nokia are over.
This is Nokia's Last Stand.