29 March, 2010

CC24: Command and Conquer 4 Sucks

I bought this game. Don't buy this game.

If you've never played a C&C game before: don't buy this game because it death-marches you down a lame plot you know nothing about and the game-play sucks.

If you've played a C&C game before: Remember everything you loved about C&C?
  • No unit caps
  • Cool tech trees
  • Ore harvesting and the attack/defence of ore
  • The great range of units
Gone. All gone.

All that is left is the limp remnants of the game and a bunch of over-dramatic cut-scenes.

This is crap. I want my money back.


P.S. oh and my computer wouldn't restart until I system-restored to before I installed this trash.
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