22 January, 2011

CC 31: Rupert grint - Requiem for a ginger...........

First off I'll set something straight. I like Rupert Grint as an actor. I think he easily has the same level of skill as his two harry potter counterparts if not the same , more so. Okay so it's easy to overlook because he doesn't have the same sex appeal but, trust me, look for it and he got the talent. It's the ending of the aformentioned series that brings me to make the following observation.

Sometimes there occurs a curious pidgeon-holing of actors to the point where you wonder if they brought it on themselves of if some press moron has it in for them. Other times an actor (or agents, see nic cage)will make bad choices that lead them to falling down this well. But, for the most part, it's the actors fault they slip into a sort of limbo where good roles float by and they're handed parts for the next steven segal movie in which they're forced to play a rock that's been victimised by a mining company so segal can come in and kick some ass.

I mentioned Nic cage in the last two posts so I'll elaborate on that. I barely recognise him from the edgdy, talented scamp in films like snakeeyes or leaving las vegas. Nowadays he floats from one boring role to the next. Sorcerer's apprentice, Season of the witch and what the fuck was up with the Wicker man? You'd think at some stage he'd of thought “hang on, why am I being asked to dropkick this woman?”Or “Ehhhh.. a bear costume? You fucking kiddin' me?” But no, He just rolled with the flow. And produced one of the (if not THE) most unintentionally funny movies ever made.

In Ireland a role which comes to both define and confine an actor is known as a “dougal”. After the end of Father Ted, Ardal O'Hanlon struggled massively to maintain a career. Why? He's was Dougal, pure and simple. Everytime anyone looked at his gorm-less, vacant face they see dougal. Not anything else. This has proven quite straining on him as he was a stand-up (quite a good one by all accounts and still is) before starring in Father Ted and every branch-out he's tried since has failed because no-one can take him seriously.

It's this fate that awaits the young Grint. With the end of the potter franchise around the corner, he needs some good dramatic roles to flex his acting muscles and show everyone he can do it before his career is suffocated and thrown down a well. His screen counterparts have branched-out into alternate mediums in an attempt to achieve this. Radcliffe went naked onto a stage with a horse and Watson modelled for Burberry to show that she's not just a pretty face while moving but also while standing still.

It's not as if he needs the money. His pay-check for EACH of the potter finales is rumoured to be in the 15 million range so he can afford to disregard the pay for a good role. His previous attempts outside the franchise were mostly awful. “Driving lessons” was about him and some old bat who teaches him all about the world through her gruff exterior, despite the fact she'd struggle to work anything more advanced than a book. In “Wild” he estentially plays Ron Weasley again only without the supernatural backing he just comes across as someone with brain-damage. “Cherrybomb” was a grab for the sex appeal previously denied him but his attempt at “mean and cynical” is laughable, especially when he's paired with the inherently likeable and scathing Robert Sheehan. He just looks like Sheehans' retarded younger cousin.

I'm sure there's a role out there that will give him the platform to showcase his skills. If not, sure there's always the Harry Potter Porno franchise..............................


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