12 January, 2011

CC30: Because Windows 7 Is Too Stable

This blog's motif is frankly rather hideous, and seeing as I have neither the skill, time or inclination required to fix it I figured I'd accentuate it.

So things have gotten a little bluer:
The side-bars which were still light blue have now been made the same colour as the rest of the page.
This makes the page look more like the BSOD (which I find relaxing as I have spent so much time in it's company) and has the added benefit of stopping the blog from doing that thing where it flickers light blue in the middle while loading.

(Don't get me wrong, it will still be doing that because I broke a theme when I was setting it up, you just wont see it anymore.)

I might come back and switch us to the same blue and font as the BSOD if you piss me off.
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